Segmented Casing & Adapters

Pinnacle Drilling Supplies offers a robust line of segmented casing and the adapters necessary to transfer the high torque from the rotary drive onto the top of the casing string.

Double wall casing

Single wall casing

Casing adapters

Segmented Casing

Avoid soil loss with this tough line of segmented casing, designed to withstand the high torque and heavy push down forces exerted by hydraulic casing oscillators and rotator boring equipment, as well as the powerful lifting forces experienced in removing long strings of casing.

Double walled casings are available in standard diameters from 540/478mm up to 2000/1910mm. Lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters for the full range of casing diameters.

Casing joints are watertight and can be connected to either single or double walled casings.

The casings feature an outer wall thickness of 10-18mm and an inner wall thickness of 8-12mm that depend on the casing size.

For the ultimate in strength and rigidity, the casings incorporate a number of longitudinal reinforcing bars between the inner and outer wall. Smaller casings have 16-18 reinforcing bars, while the larger casings have up to 62. For the bulk of casing sizes, the combined (overall) thickness of the inner wall, gap/reinforcing bar, and outer wall is 40mm.

Casing Adapters

3 types of bolt connection systems are available: mechanical connection (bolts are fixed manually), semi-automatic with crank handle, automatic locking device.