Tooling For Kelly Bar Drilling

The Vertex product line of Segmented Casing, Core Barrels, Augers, Casing Adapters, and Cleanup Buckets, provides the contractor with a comprehensive selection of the highest quality drilling tools and accessories.

A Wide Selection Of Tools

High performance and reliability

Advanced Technology

Core Barrels

These heavy duty core barrels are manufactured with superior craftsmanship and the highest quality steel. These robust designs will ensure high penetration rates through the toughest rock formations.

Segmented Casing & Drive Adapters

Pinnacle Drilling Supplies offers a robust line of segmented casing and the adapters necessary to transfer the high torque from the rotary drive onto the top of the casing string.


With the ever increasing power of today’s drilling rigs, a high quality, well built auger is a necessity. Pinnacle Drilling Products supplies a variety of augers, pilots, teeth and holders in a wide range of diameters and configurations.

Bucket Tooling

Clean out buckets are an innovative solution for cleaning loose material or when ground water is present. Pinnacle Drilling products also offers drilling buckets which have high performance in coarse soil and rocks. Auto and manual dump available on all clean out and drilling buckets.

Casing Teeth & Consumables

Pinnacles Ultra-cut line is the leading brand of ground engagement products in the drilling industry. With a large inventory of wear protection, round picks, cutting teeth and other drilling consumables Pinnacle can ensure our customers immediate requirements are met.