O-Pile Systems

Have you considered the possibilities? O’Pile walls have many flexible applications. They lessen environmental impact, in particular in sensitive construction conditions and zones and are quicker and more economical to construct than any other methods. 

Savings in construction time

Urban area friendly

Suits all ground conditions

Save Time, Save Money

O-Pile walls can bring considerably savings in construction time with the possibility to completely eliminate temporary retaining walls. They can also be make water proof to 50 metres.

Interlocked pipe pile wall techniques, together with horizontal drilling, opens endless possibilities for horizontal O-Pile wall structures. All urban areas have requirements to build under streets structures for utilities, transport tunnels and pedestrian underpasses etc. Interlocked O-Piles offers a new method to build under streets and close to existing structures, reducing the possibility of collapse and without cutting vital traffic.  

O’Pile Applications:

  • With interlocked casings, O’Pile walls can be used as
  • Dock construction and quay walls
  • Flood control and support walls
  • Vertically sealed enclosure walls
  • Pollution or water controll walls etc.
  • Site excavations