Welcome to the next generation of DTH Hammers by Pinnacle drilling products. The N’Hex generation
hammer series is the first hammer that has been designed with the challenging conditions of field
operations as the focus, while still maintaining the industry leading features that make PDP’s DTH
hammers the front runner in performance, reliability and durability.

No threaded components

Simplified maintenance

Advanced Technology

The Next Generation DTH Hammer

N’Hex generation hammers are assembles with NO Threaded components. This design provides the customer with the ability to drill in both a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, without the worry
of the hammer being unscrewed and lost in the hole. In addition, as there are no threads, maintenance and bit changes are as simple as removing two pins, there is no need for breakout machines or for
disassembly or torquing of the hammer.

Available in all Summit Series sizes, and shank designs.