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Top Hammer


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Top Hammer drilling uses striker bar or shank adapters to rotate the steel as well as to “hammer” into rock via hydraulic percussion from above. Used in road building, pipeline construction and tunneling or where rock removal is necessary. Is also used in combination with hollow anchor bars for support.

Pinnacle supplies a wide variety of Top Hammers, Bits and Drill Steel and their accessories. We source uncommon sizes, threads and lengths to suit your drilling needs.

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Drill Steel come in three popular threads: T-38, T-45, T-51 but larger sizes are also available. Extension rods M/M which require a coupler or Speed rods which are M/F for threading are available.


Relative to Drill Steel and the application, but are typically sized from 2.5” and 6”.

Choose from:

Convex – used for softer formation – an aggressive bit for fast penetration

Drop Center (Concave) – medium to hard formation when penetration and flushing is important

Flat Face – used for harder rock

Additionally, Venturi flushing holes can be added to expedite cuttings removal.


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Request More Information About Our Top Hammer Products

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