Pinnacle Drilling

Providing Innovative Drilling Solutions

Use MotoCut products to improve safety, productivity and quality of pile cutting. Our latest innovation is a plasma cutter, initially for cutting tubular steel piles and pipes. First in the world we have produced a fully self-contained mobile plasma cutter excavator attachment, which brings significant benefits for your company.

Incredibly Low Running Costs

Improved Safety for Operator

Steel & Concrete Pile Cutting

Concrete Pile Cutting

A new generation cutting device

MotoCut Pile Cutter can be attached to any min 5 tn excavator from where it gets the hydraulic power. It operates with two fast rotating diamond blades. The cutting device is manoeuvered from the cabin of the excavator thus there is no need to hazardous hand work nearby the pile. The MotoCut Pile Cutter replaces manual labour in physically heavy pile cutting work, making the job even five times faster and most importantly with minimized risk of accidents – SAFETY FIRST!


  • Even up to five times higher production capacity compared to traditional methods
  • Increases significantly operational job safety as no need to work nearby heavy piles
  • High quality and predictable cutting result
  • Easy to attach to an excavator and transport to the job site
  • Independent of construction site work plan and accelerates the site schedules
  • With MotoCut Pile Cutter it’s possible to collect away the excess parts of the piles
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