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Casing/Drill Rod


CASING: Many variables have to be considered when choosing the right casing for your application.

Typical variables might include such things as:

  • Rotary or Percussion Drilling applications
  • Permanent or Retrievable
  • Thread Type
  • Number of starts/leads
  • Inner (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) dimensions for your bit to pass through.

Other variables would be the type of connections you require:

  • Pin x Box
  • Box x Blank
  • Pin x Blank

Would you choose to weld-on tool joints, use casing shoes or try other types of fittings.

How about Integral Threaded vs Welded-on Tool Joints?

Available lengths: 1 Metre, 1.5 Metre (5 feet), 2 Metre, 3 Metre, 6 Metre. Custom length?



DRILL ROD/STEEL: Drill rods are available in round or hexagonal and either M/M or M/F ends.

Coupling are added to attached M/M drill steel together. Extension rods are hollow so that air or

water can be incorporated into the cuttings.

Pinnacle Drilling Products supplies Drill Steel in common lengths and thread types.

T-38 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

T-45 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

T-51 x 12’ or 14’ in M/F or M/M variations, round

Other thread and lengths are available, if required.

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