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Anchor Bar

Our Torx line on self-drilling anchors has been carefully engineered to meet the most demanding project requirements

Both “R” (round) and “T” (trapezoidal) thread design

Can be installed in any condition

High in tensile strength

Self Drilling Anchors

Pinnacle hollow core anchors are designed to be drilled in and grouted through, leaving a steel reinforced grout column and anchor head in each borehole. These anchors can be installed in any condition and are ideal for conditions that would normally be difficult for conventional solid bars. Pinnacle self-drilling anchors are available in a wide range of sizes. Pinnacle offers hollow bars in both “R” (round) and “T” (trapezoidal) thread design.

Anchor Bar Accessories

Pinnacle also offers a wide range of accessories for anchor bar drilling

Anchor Nuts

Bit Inserts


Clay Bits

Ex Bits

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