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“Pinnacle will introduce new and more effective drilling products and methods.” We will even….

Providing Quality Drilling Solutions Worldwide

Pinnacle Drilling Products is dedicated to providing outstanding service, product selection and custom manufacture, guiding you to the products you need, supported by knowledgeable and experienced “drilling” industry expertise, so that your projects run smoothly.

With locations in both Vancouver, BC, and Calgary, AB Canada, we come equipped with decades of both field and sales experience in Canada and Internationally.

Pinnacle offers complete service and products from simple product supply to custom development and manufacture. We will follow and assist with your project from conception, through in-house design to completion including follow-up support.

Pinnacle offers:

Extensive drilling field experience, both in North America and Internationally.

Product Sales with Practical Knowledge & Support.

Previous drilling foremen and supervising experience.

Valuable understanding in managing drilling, business challenges and finding solutions.

A dedication to offer services, product and support when most competitors are closed.

Engineering and Product Development Team including Full Machine Shop and Custom Manufacturing

Pinnacle is truly the drilling industry’s one-stop shop! If we do not carry a product, we can find it through one of our many industry partners or we will custom design and manufacture to your specifications!

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